About us

If performance and growth, then with Payout. We will pull everyone forward

Our vision is to exceed clients' expectations in all the services we provide. We are committed to keep the technology constantly modern and secure, so that our clients can always rely on them. Our exact solutions will vary depending on the client's circumstances, but not the quality delivered. This is where the digital payment revolution begins.


We are looking for the harmony between the desired and the possible More in transaction processing, more for your customers.

The purpose of our work is to provide clients with access to high-quality and effective solutions in the field of financial technology. Payout is creative, innovative and stubborn in its business. It uses its unique ability to see the world of Slovak finance differently. We write our authentic story through our own work.


There are only 2 values for Payout. Quality and credibility

If money is backed by gold, then Payout is backed by the quality of its people. From product development to the entire ecosystem, we have assembled an incredible team of experienced people who share a passion for revolutionary technologies and the vision of a new digital payment landscape. We bring recognizable quality to the clients through clear rules and timeless functioning. Our promises must always correspond with reality.