Payout Banklink

Open door to real banking data instantly.

With Payout Banklink, you can shorten the sales cycle and increase your company's efficiency. With the help of our Payout API, you can access your banking data directly in your own system. Reduce the time it takes to process financial transactions and eliminate manual tasks. Our interface allows you to easily make decisions based on real data, giving you vital information to improve your services or products.


Payout Banklink

Benefits of Open Banking
Increase your revenue with a fast and efficient shortening of the sales cycle

Improve your business decision-making and marketing strategies with fast and reliable transactional data analysis. By analyzing transaction history and payment flows, you get accurate information with minimal effort. There is no longer a need to retrieve documents manually. Just a few simple clicks in one place and you have everything you need.

Optimise your costs and achieve savings

Enter payment orders directly through your website or from your own system. With our solution, you eliminate the additional costs and risks associated with payment cards, including chargebacks. We provide you with easy and hassle-free payment order processing.

Everything in one place - convenience and simplicity

Optimise the management of balances and transaction information in one place. Our platform allows you to conveniently and securely retrieve account and transaction details - whether it's your own accounts or those of your clients - regardless of bank or currency. Forget unnecessary clicking through and get a complete picture of your financial situation quickly and efficiently.

Save time and effort by skipping manual activities

Eliminate all manual activities related to bank statements, internet banking and payments. You will no longer have to deal with importing/exporting data or dealing with paper statements. Instead, we offer an intuitive and automated solution that saves you time and effort.

Payout Banklink

Innovative ways to boost business efficiency

Payout Banklink is a secure and reliable link between your business systems and the bank. At Payout, we constantly strive to maintain the highest security standards to ensure that your transactions are never compromised. We know that security is crucial to you, which is why we put it first.


Easier and more efficient access to financial data, updated four times a day. Get instant access to real-time account, transaction and payment information, allowing you to effectively manage financial flows - not only your own, but those who trust you and seek your services. With our solution, you'll have unlimited access to the most up-to-date financial data, allowing you to better manage your cash flow and improve your business results.


The fee for sending a payment should not depend on the amount sent. Thanks to interbank transfers, it is now easier and more cost-effective for suppliers, employees and partners to make payments on e-shops. This way you can manage your financial transactions efficiently and save costs associated with fees. Regardless of the size of the payment, you can be sure that the fee will be fair and not exceed your financial means.


With our solution, onboarding new clients is quick and easy - just log in with your existing internet banking credentials. With digital onboarding, you'll have access to important information such as the account holder's name, IBAN, and other details that the account holder chooses to share in a secure environment. This information will help you provide a better and personalized service.


Instant information about the movements in your accounts allows you to automatically match transactions and send bulk payment orders directly from your business system. Your financial data is protected by state-of-the-art encryption and adherence to strict security protocols. Increase the efficiency of your business and gain complete control over the management of your accounts.


Link your bank accounts to Payout Banklink and automatically control them directly from your internal system.

Join Payout, the leader in open banking, as they launch in 2019! We are a licensed provider of payment account information and payment initiation services under the strict control of the National Bank of Slovakia.
Our vision is simple - to offer our clients a comprehensive solution in the field of payment services and additional functionalities.
With our team of experienced developers, we have created clear documentation and a fully prepared test environment to make it easy for you to integrate and verify the functionality of our services.


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