Payout Banking

Payout account linked to all bank accounts maintained in different banks.

Our main goal is to ensure the same comfort that customers experience when paying online for goods or services. Payout offers payment services as a complexe product – access to bank accounts in various banks in real time, online payments to a Payout payment account.


Payout payment account

Open your Payout payment account online

The registration process is fast thanks to the online electronic verification service. A new client can be registered in a few minutes. No time-consuming filling out the forms.

Electronic authentication

Through a secure encrypted connection to the company's interface, it is possible to authenticate the client fully online, in the comfort of his home.

Draft agreement

The draft contract is sent to the client for approval.

Signing of the contract

We sign the contract with the client in person or via an electronic signature, according to the client's requirements.


Payout does not only offer transaction processing.

Payout offers payment services as complete product - from access to bank accounts (AIS) in various banks in real time, through current payments to a payment account. This enables full automation of corporate financial processes with an above-standard level of security and control.

Risk management

Payout examines transactions and evaluates risk according to a set of criteria and using selected tests.

Prevention of money laundering

Payout seeks a balance between acceptance and prevention of fraudulent transactions.

Integration with internal and accounting systems

Payout can be easily integrated into existing internal and accounting systems.

Automatic payment reconciliation

Payout supports automatic payment reconciliation, which simplifies the transaction matching process.

Account Information Services

Connect all your bank accounts to the Payout Payment Account and automatically control them directly from your internal system.

The Account Information (AIS) payment service provides information about current account balance and account activity on available bank accounts, updated 4 times a day, directly in your internal software system via the API. With Payout Payment Account, you can track balances on all your bank accounts.


Payout is an exceptional online payment solution for reasonable price

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Adding 2 Bank Accounts to the Payout app

10 EUR

You can manage all your bank accounts in one application.

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Adding 3 - 5 Bank Accounts to the Payout app

20 EUR

We will be happy to prepare an individual price offer for you

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